Almost half of businesses (46%) report having cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months*

*Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport: Official Statistics. Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2020. Updated 26 March 2020


The Titan Cybersecurity centre™ has expert services needed to counter modern cyber threats on a 24/7 basis

  • The cybersecurity risks to business are so high: 46% of businesses reported having cybersecurity breaches within the last 12 months. One in five of these companies lost money or data as a result of the breach. Two in five suffered negative impacts on their business1
  • Expert services are needed to counter modern cyber threats, ideally on a 24/7 basis – security products on their own are not enough
  • Moving to cybersecurity managed services can reduce overall cybersecurity costs, improve security, i prove compliance, reduce management stress, and free up IT resources for other tasks
  • Professional Services such as Security Audit, Penetration Testing and Anti-Phishing Training can be key ingredients in executing an effective Cybersecurity strategy

What do end users need? The most cost-effective and reliable way to access these services is from a shared, certified cybersecurity services provider and moving to hosting of servers at their data centre can also reduce infrastructure costs. The Titan Cybersecurity Centre™ allows resellers and MSPs to provide these services to their end user customers with no risk or upfront investment.

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