Cybersecurity Service Packages – The New Opportunity

For many organisations, cybersecurity has just got too complicated and difficult to manage completely in-house. As the global threat landscape has continued to become more complex, this was perhaps inevitable. But when you add in other factors of our times, such as the move to home-working, the move to cloud, the move to IoT, cybersecurity skills shortages and the need for 24/7 security operations, then you have overwhelming pressure for fundamental change. To deal with escalating technical complexity as well as the human creativity of attackers, security products on their own are not enough – expert managed and professional cybersecurity services are now needed, by qualified security engineers. 

“For many, the only practical way ahead is to outsource part or the whole of the security function, and in particular the functionality of a 24/7 security operations centre (SOC).”

Distribution of Packaged Services – This situation creates an exciting opportunity for a completely new business in validating, packaging and distributing a complete family of cybersecurity services, via a network of resellers and MSPs (managed service providers). The task is not only technical, and legal, but is also commercial in the sense of achieving scale by reaching out via existing reseller relationships to many hundreds of thousands of end-user organisations. This is the domain and expertise of a distributor, which can now find whole new areas of added value to offer its resellers. Not only can a distributor such as Titan Data Solutions supply this whole new business line, with comprehensive reseller contracts and technical support, but it can also offer a family of services from different vendors which complement each other – for example, incident response to wrap around MDR (managed detection and response), or penetration testing from one supplier to test the MDR from another supplier. 

Titan Cybersecurity Centre provides expert managed and professional services and security engineers

An Efficient Business Model for Resellers  –  In this new world of packaged cybersecurity services, the reseller no longer needs to invest in expensive in-house technical support – the distributor can provide any necessary pre-sales technical support and the SOC provides the service to the end-customer, which the SOC supports entirely itself. The sales training for the service packages is straightforward, so the business can start immediately. By selling standardised third-party expertise and services, instead of products, the cybersecurity business model is transformed into a much more attractive proposition for resellers. Even non-cybersecurity resellers, such as storage and archive resellers, are now seeing that this may now be the time to catch the wave and add cybersecurity into their existing portfolio. 

Added Value for MSPs –   While resellers can benefit from selling service packages and then standing back from the technical aspects of supplying them, on the other hand MSPs can benefit from a second contractual model in distribution whereby the services are provided to them and they in turn provide them to their end-customers, as part of an overall service offering. In both cases the reseller invoices the customer and manages the customer relationship, but the arrangements for provision of the services are entirely different. The distributor of packaged cybersecurity services should provide a reseller contract that covers both types of commercial scenario. 

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