Do you get involved in Cybersecurity at all? Have you been asked for Cybersecurity services? Is there an opportunity for you to sell Cybersecurity Services? Do you ever turn away opportunities for Cybersecurity services?… Are you looking to start supplying Cybersecurity services to your customers?

Is there an opportunity to sell simple cybersecurity services to your customers? Now that companies need services such as penetration testing, not just products, is this an opportunity you can take and make money from?

Cybersecurity services for your customers from Titan Data Solutions

Great margins in Cybersecurity Services on :

  • Penetration testing
  • Security Audit / Risk Assessment
  • Phishing Simulation & Training
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
  • ISO 27001 Certification

It is simple to sell – you find the customers, we register the deals, we provide the pre-sales support and scoping documents, we supply a quote to you, you decide your own selling price and make the sale. The security services vendor takes responsibility to provide the services to the end-customer. We manage communications throughout the project, to make sure that everybody’s expectations are met and communications are clear.

It is a great business because the services should be repeated periodically, so you can build cumulative revenue and an annuity base.

Which customers are the Cybersecurity services for?

The services are for customers of all sizes and business areas. More and more companies need these services, as part of their risk management strategy or to support regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS and GDPR. Products such as antivirus and firewalls used to be enough in many cases, and companies very often used to handle cybersecurity activities all by themselves – but now things have changed. Now specialist cybersecurity services are increasingly required, including out-tasking and managed services, because the threats have become more advanced and specific expert services are needed on top of products. That is the opportunity that we can help you capture.

What vendors do you use?

We use a UK-based security services provider (SOC) which is highly certified – for example with government CHECK, Crest, ISO 27001 and ISO 6001. They have security-cleared employees and can work on all kinds of projects.

We also use another vendor which is a UK company but has a SOC based in Europe. This vendor is also highly certified.

Our distribution agreement with these vendors provide important protection for our resellers.

What about the pricing and margins?

The simple cybersecurity services start from one or two thousand pounds, and range upwards from there depending on the time required and the customer requirements. We provide 18% discount to you from our list price. It’s really good, bearing in mind that you just bring the customer, we help with the presales support, and the responsibility for service delivery itself rests with the security vendor.

What is Titan putting into this – why shouldn’t I buy the services directly from the vendor?

At Titan, we have the Titan Cybersecurity Centre. It is a specialised arm which manages the vendors on one side, and provides training and support to resellers on the other side. So, it works like a kind of specialised hub, where advanced cybersecurity service packages can be bought and sold. It is not just about the technical aspects – the Titan Cybersecurity Centre also provides specialised reseller contracts that are essential for contractual protection, as well as accurate and specific quotations and specifications that are essential to achieve successful implementation. The Titan Cybersecurity Centre does not stop its involvement when a sale is made; on the contrary, it manages communications throughout the project between the vendor, reseller and end-user – we have found that this is an essential value-add and leads to the highest levels of satisfaction on all sides.

Why bother carrying out complicated legal and commercial negotiations with SOCs, and managing ongoing relations with them, when you can let Titan do it for you and still make the same kind of margins (or better)?

To learn more about new Cyber opportunities for Resellers and MSPs Contact our Cybersecurity Specialist Sarah Cox

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