Titan Data Solutions Now Pre-Formatting LTO7 M8 Media

In late 2017, LTO-8 tape was released. LTO8 tape media doubles the native capacity from its previous generation to 30TB. At the same time “Type M” media was introduced. Type M is an initialised LTO7 cartridge which has been formatted to increase available storage capacity from 6TB to 9TB, when used in LTO-8 drives. This is not manufactured en masse, it requires expertise and a lengthy process of re-formatting the tape in a library. In September 2018, a legal dispute between the two manufacturers of LTO8 tapes, resulted in the suspension of manufacturing – and still to this date (July 2019), LTO8s are nowhere to be seen, leaving a considerable hole in the market for the consumer, reseller, distributor and vendors.

When the LTO8 crisis started to affect the sales of tape and tape libraries in the UK, Titan began to format Type M media in house, addressing the global shortage head on. Titan have just shipped their 170th Petabyte of LTO-M type media in the UK. As well as being the largest distributor of LTO tapes in Europe, we are the only distributor in the UK with the technology and expertise to re-format Quantum LTO7 media to M8 prior to shipping.

For Quantum it is invaluable to have a distributor in the UK capable of re-formatting their media in the most challenging of circumstances. Not to mention providing a viable solution to our resellers who have sold LTO8 libraries to datacentres across almost very vertical in the UK.

Quantum LTO M8
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