Ransomware attacks are increasing year on year, and whether it is business critical or backup, the hackers show no mercy when trying to access your customer’s data.

Everyone talks about the need for Ransomware protection but how do your customers choose the most effective solution for them?

Titan Data Solutions offer cutting edge solutions to help protect your customers’ data.

Tape storage is the most effective protection against Ransomware because it provides an offline, air-gapped copy that can easily be restored. For further protection, Quantum’s Active Vault is an exclusive feature that allows you to allocate spare tape slots as air gapped offline storage.

Nexsan Assureon was purpose built to deliver unrivalled data vault protection with immutable storage. Assureon utilises Private Blockchain to protect and store digital assets in an immutable data structure, uses cryptography to secure transactions and relies on an automated integrity audit at the redundant site to maintain data integrity and transparency.

Blocky for Veeam is an essential security solution for all Veeam customers with locally attached backup volumes. Blocky protects against Malware codes that Anti-Virus cannot see, using Application Whitelisting technology to restrict backup file modifications to only pre-authorised system processes.

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