Small Server, Massive Data

If you’re a business operating in the finance, data analytics, marketing, or security industries, you know how much data storage matters. You also realise the challenge of storing the amount of data hardware necessary to manage such operations at scale efficiently. A storage server capable of storing petabytes of big data usually results in large server racks, active cooling solutions, and valuable floor space lost. 

 In the last year, ASUS unveiled its ASUS S2036Z storage server products, capable of housing and operating up to over half a petabyte of data in a 2U configuration. Combined with Seagate’s Exos 18TB drives, Seagate’s flagship X Class enterprise drives, this set-up is the ideal space-saving, data-driving installation for any business looking to store, handle, and use data in their day-to-day business operations. 

“Combine the data-dense form factor of the ASUS S2036Z storage server with the high-density storage offered by the Seagate Exos X18, and the result is one of the most potent storage solutions available in the market today.”

Seagate and ASUS teamed up to provide a solution for business looking to store, handle, and use data in their day-to-day business operations

 The ASUS S2036Z Rack 2U Storage Server: Small Form Factor, Big Data Storage – With 36 bays in a 2U form factor, the ASUS S2036Z storage server offers high-density storage, perfect for implementing into a server installation. A 3-layer design, each layer allows for up to 12 3.5 inch hard-drives, with a hot-swap system for easy server maintenance. For those looking for even more storage capacity, the ASUS S2036Z storage server features a 2U JBOD for double the capacity, offering more than a petabyte in pure server storage in a 4U configuration. 

 This type of configuration is perfect for businesses dealing with large quantities of data, requiring a high concentration of storage media in a small form-factor. Ideal for big data storage, and those businesses operating in financial, security, data storage, and marketing sectors, the ASUS S2036Z is a uniquely-designed rack storage server that allows for rapid installation, maintenance, and removal of high-density drives.  

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