Titan Expands its Cybersecurity Services Portfolio – New opportunities for Resellers and MSPs

11th February 2021

Following the successful launch of its cybersecurity services division in 2020, Titan Data Solutions has now added a wide range of new services to expand its portfolio. As a result, Titan resellers can offer a complete set of cybersecurity services to customers of all sizes, with full support from Titan and its vendors.

Titan has continued its dual service delivery model for all the new services. For resellers, Titan’s specialist service providers (“MSSPs” – managed security service providers) take responsibility to deliver their services directly to the end-customer, while the reseller invoices the customer and manages commercial relations as normal. MSPs (managed service providers) on the other hand can integrate the vendors’ services into their own portfolio and take responsibility for the onward delivery to the end-customer:

The Need for Cybersecurity Managed and Professional Services

Organisations increasingly need 24/7 human involvement from qualified security engineers to deal with the threat of targeted cybersecurity attacks. For many organisations, the cost and difficulty of adding or expanding this in-house resource is prohibitive. A managed cybersecurity service can either solve a part of this problem, in a specific area such as threat detection and response, or else in fact the whole problem, by outsourcing the management of the whole security stack, including for example the antivirus, encryption and firewalls. Titan’s portfolio of managed services now covers both these levels, and offers a wide variety of options:

Cybersecurity Managed Services
  • Endpoint managed security service
  • Firewall managed security service
  • Patch management
  • Microsoft ATP / EDR management
  • Anti-phishing managed security service
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • SIEM managed security service
  • WAF (web application firewall) managed service
  • Managed SOC – outsourced security operations centre
Cybersecurity Professional Services
  • Cybersecurity audit
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing – internal, external, web application
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • Endpoint forensics examination (hard drive)
  • Architectural services
  • DLP design services
  • Project management
  • GDPR/ISO/PCI DSS consulting
  • Security testing: source code review
  • Security awareness training
  • Red Team security assessment

Full Managed Services

For a small or mid-size company which finds that cybersecurity has become too complex and time-consuming, Titan’s option to outsource the management of antivirus, encryption and firewalls can be an attractive solution. Vulnerability scanning can be added, along with other options such as patch management and threat detection. A wide range of software and hardware platforms are now supported, including McAfee, Sophos, ESET, Nessus, Rapid 7, Alert Logic, AT&T Cybersecurity, Check Point, SonicWall, Cisco and Palo Alto. Hence, moving to managed services can be a smooth and cost-effective process which leads to cost savings versus alternative approaches, as well as improving security.

New Layers of Cybersecurity

A small or mid-sized company may wish to retain its in-house management of the antivirus and firewalls, but add another layer of security by using a managed service for important new functions such as vulnerability analysis, Cyber Essentials Plus certification, infrastructure penetration testing, web application penetration testing, web application firewall (WAF), or anti-phishing simulation and training. These services are all available from the Titan Cybersecurity Centre, and standardised service bundles simplify the sales process. 

MSPs which are providing IT services to small and mid-size end-customers can also take advantage of these additional layers of managed services, to meet new requirements and demands such as compliance and increased security level. In this case, the services can be provided to the MSP for onward delivery to the end-customer, as a part of the MSP’s overall offering.

Threat Detection and Response

Companies increasingly need to be able to answer the important question, “Would you know if you had been hacked?”. A rapidly growing requirement has arisen for efficient 24/7 threat detection and incident response services – either as a new security layer altogether, or as an improvement to the effectiveness of an existing SIEM solution that is managed in-house. This is an area where human experts are certainly needed around the clock  – for example in elimination of false-positive detections, in enrichment of threat information, in triage of incidents, in communications, and so on.

Titan can address this requirement by proposing an advanced MDR (managed detection and response) solution, from a leading supplier which has over 4,000 customers and is certified with SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II, as well as ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and ISO9001. This vendor has very impressive experience in cloud implementations, as well as on-premise, and provides a range of additional features such as extended endpoint protection, vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring, asset discovery and compliance support.

If the customer also needs wrap-around services for incident remediation, or if it needs to work with a service supplier that is based completely in the UK, then Titan may propose managed SOC (security operation centre) services from another trusted vendor which bases its services on the AT&T Cybersecurity platform. This vendor is CREST certified for provision of SOC services, as well as being CHECK certified, and it possesses ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications. Importantly, it will take the “power to act” on the customer network, in accordance with an agreed playbook, to remediate threats that are revealed.

Professional Services

Where the customer needs a project-based service, or a service based on daily rates, then Titan’s portfolio of professional services will cover a very wide range of requirements. Ranging from security audits to all types of penetration testing; or from Cyber Essentials Plus certification to Red Team security assessments – there are services to meet most types of requirements, from fully certified vendors.

Where the customer needs a project-based service, or a service based on daily rates, then Titan’s portfolio of professional services will cover a very wide range of requirements. Ranging from security audits to all types of penetration testing; or from Cyber Essentials Plus certification to Red Team security assessments – there are services to meet most types of requirements, from fully certified vendors.

Titan’s Proposition to Resellers and MSPs

Resellers can build a healthy business with cumulatively growing revenues based on sales of Titan’s cybersecurity managed and professional services. The “Vendor Supply” service delivery option is ideal for resellers which want to leave the responsibility for providing the service to the specialist vendor. The “Reseller Supply” model, on the other hand, is ideal for MSPs which want to build the services into their own offering. By working via Titan’s contracts, resellers can enjoy the benefits of important commercial protections.

The reseller does not have to invest in technical support resources. Titan takes care of presales support for the reseller, if required, and there is no need for post-sales technical support by the reseller. Therefore, selling cybersecurity service packages can be a straightforward overlay onto a reseller’s existing business. With effective deal registration up to vendor level, and Titan’s energetic marketing and sales support, the reseller can maximise the sales return from its selling efforts and its customer base.

Buying from the Titan cybersecurity services hub brings the reseller and MSP many advantages, including the benefit of continuous choice between multiple contracted cybersecurity service providers, for precisely the right solution to each customer requirement; the increased negotiating power of Titan with vendors based on aggregated demand from the market; and Titan’s understanding of the channel, as an established distributor (CRN Channel Awards Finalist in 2020). Titan sells only to the channel and not directly to the end-customer.

Based on its newly expanded services portfolio, Titan can help resellers and MSPs turn cybersecurity services into a sustainable and long-term business success, while also scaling up the provision of these vital services to the end-customers whose businesses have a critical need for them.

Keith MaskellHead of CybersecurityTitan Data Solutions Ltd

For further information, please contact our Cybersecurity Specialist, Sarah Cox

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