It’s Titan’s second Birthday today, so what have I learnt in two years of running a business?

Patience:  Having been primarily sales focused in all of my previous roles, I was only ever concerned about hitting a number, maximising profit and making as much commission as I could. Some people may think this is selfish, but having started in the industry at 18 (I’m now 45) the desire to achieve a target, earn the most, beat a colleague into first place, break the next threshold, or get a better title becomes ingrained in you. 

As a salesperson building your patch and making a success out of it, you’re always scared that it will be taken away from you, your targets increased, your territory diluted, your commission reduced!  

And it’s this fear that even today perhaps for different reasons now, gets me out of bed every morning with a plan. What I’ve realised though, is that you can’t run a company like you run your own account base, you have to be patient. You write a business plan only to see everything change from day one; you know the customer you had banked on previously, deciding not to set you up as a supplier; the vendor that would have changed your life moving the goal posts or getting cold feet finally coming good having realised your business can deliver what you said it would after all.  

“Everyone at Titan is incredibly motivated. Is this because we have the culture right or because we’ve been lucky enough to only hire the right people, with the same values as us? Is this luck or proof we’ve got things right?”

Ben Jackson – Managing Director
Titan's second Birthday

Everything takes longer than the P&L you wrote with your team on a back of a fag packet in your mates kitchen, the week before you incorporated. The cliches Rome was not built in a day or one day of sunshine does not make a Summer….or even more annoying: Everything happens for a reason, all frustratingly true. 

 So, patience is a necessity. 

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