ASUS Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions

Servers built from the ground up and configured to meet bespoke end user requirements.


About ASUS

Established in 1989, ASUS is a multinational company known for the world’s best motherboards and high-quality personal computers, monitors, graphics cards, routers and other technology solutions including servers and graphics workstations. Today, ASUS is designing and building next-generation smart technologies to provide incredible experiences that enhance the lives of people everywhere.

With a global workforce that includes more than 5,000 R&D professionals, ASUS have over 24 years of experience building high quality servers. ASUS servers and workstations are built from the ground up to deliver field-leading technologies while maintaining extremely high levels of power saving and efficiency encompassed under ASUS green design philosophy.


137+ Benchmark World Records


ASUS Core Optimizer

Maximizes the processor frequency in multi-core operations, avoiding frequency shifting for reduced latency


ASUS Engine Boost

Automatic power acceleration with an innovative voltage design to increase server overall performance


Preconfigured Settings for Optimization

Preconfigured BIOS server profiles based on workloads and benchmarks for improved performance and efficiency


High performance computing - 2U server with 24 NVMe/SAS/SATA drives support


RS720-E9-RS24-U features hybrid storage of 24 NVMe/SATA/SAS drives with more flexibility and high performance.

RS720-E9-RS24-U features up to 24 NVMe drives to provide high IOPS and low latency storage solution.

  • CPU - 1st and 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
  • UPI Speeds - 10.4 GT/s
  • Chipset - Intel® C621
  • Memory Type - DDR4 2933/2666 RDIMM/LRDIMM/LRDIMM 3DS Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory (DCPMM)
  • Drive Bays - 24
  • Additional OS Drive - 2 x M.2
  • Networking - OCP Adaptor up to 100 Gb/s LAN
ASUS Rackmount Server packs incredible power and data capacity in a small space

Storage Server

Small Form Factor, Big Data Storage with 36 bays in a 2U form factor


The ASUS S2036Z Rack 2U Storage Server: Small Form Factor, Big Data Storage

With 36 bays in a 2U form factor, the ASUS S2036Z storage server offers high-density storage, perfect for adding high capacity without taking up too much valuable rack space

Innovative 2U 36 bays in 3 layer HDD Data Storage Server from ASUS

Virtualisation Solutions

Server virtualization is a software architecture that allows more than one server operating system to run as a guest on a given physical server host.

ESC4000 G4

GPU-optimized 2U server with hybrid storage availability and expandability

With powerful processors, large memory capacity, hybrid storage and support for up to 4 GPUs, ESC4000 G4 is fully optimized for tackling highly demanding environments and maximizing performance efficiency.


Container Solutions

Containers, a lightweight way to virtualize applications, are an important element of any DevOps plan.


Great balance on performance, efficiency, and manageability for multi-workload

Fulfill a variety of demands with dual processors that offers an ideal balance of computing power, storage, and cost.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

AI is based on algorithms and it is used as a computing power to solve specific problems faster and often more accurately than humans can.

ESC8000 G4/10G

GPU-optimized 4U server with high scalability and patented Adoptable Topology design

ESC8000 G4 features a patented Adoptable Topology design equipped with up to 8 GPUs support for deep learning or AI requirements, allowing your system to switch topology configurations without changing hardware or cable routing.

ASUS ESC8000 G4/10G

Enterprise Solutions

For medium to large enterprises, and managed and cloud service providers


High performance 2U server with hybrid-storage design and high power-efficiency

RS720-E9-RS12-E offers breakthrough performance with the latest Intel Optane™ DC persistent memory with an over 88% gain in input/output operations per second (IOPS).


Small and Medium Business Solutions

ASUS offers different kinds of server form factors - tower and rack-mount servers - for various space settings and IT designs.


GPU-optimized 1U server with exible storage and expandability

This server delivers high performance combined with storage and expansion flexibility for multiple workloads, making it the perfect choice for a firewall, gateway or business server. It also supports one graphics card for graphics-intensive applications.


Workstation Solutions

With NVIDIA® Quadro and multi graphic cards, ASUS workstations can be used in content creation and media streaming.

E900 G4

Monster performance, the ultimate workstation

E900 G4 Supports up to 56 processing cores on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor. Featuring up to 4-way multi-graphic supported with genuine four PCIe Gen3 x16 link, E900 G4 uses new ID design on front bezel with ASUS branding which is user friendly, tool-less case design for hassle-free maintenance.

ASUS E900 G4
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