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Facilis Technology designs and builds shared storage servers for collaborative media production networks.

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Facilis HUB Shared Storage for Video Editing

Facilis HUB Shared Storage for video editing is a system dedicated to improving post-production and content creation workflows. Included with every server is the Facilis Shared File System which easily accommodates multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among different applications and image formats. With our media storage systems, you can deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a bigger environment. Facilis HUB provides the performance to get the job done. Look through our video storage servers and see why Facilis Technology is your shared storage solution.

"Facilis HUB network shared storage provides the performance and collaboration that lets you create with confidence. "

Facilis Technology designs and builds shared storage servers for collaborative media production networks. Our unique Shared File System is included with all Facilis HUB servers and allows complex, cross-OS network environments to collaborate workflow across media production applications and file formats. Whether your job is 4K color grading, VFX compositing or HD craft editorial, working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, Apple FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, or Avid Pro Tools, Facilis HUB is a shared storage solution that provides the performance and collaboration so that you can create with confidence.

Backup Storage Solutions & Integrated Archive

Facilis Object Cloud & Object LTO

The way to ensure data redundancy with our video storage servers is to include a backup storage solution, incorporating backup and archive within an already functioning workflow. Facilis Technology has integrated field-proven object storage software to create a turnkey Cloud and LTO tiered storage system. Offline files are represented in the same volume and tracked by the same interface as active project files. With Object Cloud software, a Facilis Virtual Volume doubles as the cache volume for Cloud and LTO locations, making movement to archive and restoration of archived or backup files simple and fast. Contact our staff at sales@titandatasolutions.com to learn more about the Object Cloud product integrated with our Facilis HUB shared storage for video editing.

Facilis Object Cloud & Object LTO


Shared File System

To avoid the pitfalls of network-attached storage {NAS), change the network. The Facilis Shared File System is a custom data protocol that delivers all the speed of traditional network storage but without permission complexities, file state confusion, and limitation on scalability. Many of HUB's most compelling features  are based on shared file system software.

  • Remote Mount Control - Push/pull volumes to client desktops from anywhere you can launch a browser
  • Local Mount Type - To easily enable spotlight, search indexing, reshare and speed up finder-level operations
  • Fibre Channel - Seamless integration with Fibre Channel infrastructure, even failover from FC to Ethernet

Virtualized Drive Set

Direct-attached storage technology is at the core of most NAS storage systems. These drive arrays are striped and formatted in the same way as when attached to a client workstation. This is a problem because these storage arrays are designed for a single read/write access. They are less able to handle multiple simultaneous requests, and performance drops more precipitously when multi-client load is introduced.

Facilis virtualizes it's drive set by re-mapping all the drives into a pool of storage at the block level. Then we optimize the block size and io handling for video and audio workflow Finally we use intelligent read-ahead caching that increases performance with the most common client data requests. Even the smallest project volume will have the full performance of the drive set, and unlike a DAS array that required 15-20% free space to maintain performance, a Facilis drive set will not slow down when full. In a high-capacity server, this could add 50TB or more of usable capacity.

Optimized for Multi-client Video and Audio workflow
Smallest Volume has Full System Bandwidth
No Speed Degradation when Full

DynaRAID II Data Protection

Unlike rnost systems that protect the entire drive set with a single protection mode, Facilis is software­ defined, and as drives age, administrators can increase the level of data protection on new project­ based volumes.

RAIDS - Smaller drive groups, new drives
RAID6[2] - Larger drive groups, new drives; smaller drive groups, aging drives
RAID6[3]/[4) - Larger drive groups, aging drives

In addition. multiple servers can be mirrored with RAID51/61 for total data and uptime integrity HUB One head units can be added as redundant units as well, for full system redundancy and uptime protection.

Bandwidth Priority

Some jobs need more of the available bandwidth of the system than others. It's unrealistic to guarantee that a certain number will always be available to a certain workstation in a complex environment, so instead Facilis offers Bandwith Priority.

  • Normal - Default setting, benefits from standard fairness rules to equalize client resources
  • Low - For clients that should be throttled to avoid overwhelming the drive set
  • High - For clients that should be allowed to use more bandwidth for critical operations

Every client can expect the same performance until the server becomes busy, and per-client bandwidth would ordinarily decrease. At this point, Facilis software throttles low priority clients and ensures fast access for high­priority clients.

FastTracker Asset Management

FastTracker is developed separately from the core Facilis products and can be shipped on a different release schedule. We can easily add features and changes outside the main Facilis software releases. Version 3.5 is now a full Asset Management system, with file movement, duplicate file reporting and on­ demand proxy generation. In conjunction with Object Cloud & LTO, FastTracker supports full tracking of file status through the archive stage.

  • Volume Browse and Catalog Search Interface Options
  • Automatic Scheduled Indexing and Proxy Generation
  • Duplicate File Tracking by Asset Record
  • Individual and Directory-level File Movement
  • Cloud and LTO Archive Status Reporting
Facilis Interface

Object Cloud & Object LTO

Facilis brings Cloud and LTO resources to the client desktop. This makes backup, archive and restoration as easy as drag-and-drop. Copy files to archive directly through the Facilis Cache Volume, through FastTracker Asset Management, or through FS Mirror scheduled data movement. Restore files directly from the Cache directory, through FastTracker drag and drop or bulk prefetch. Access files added to the cloud account from remote workstations directly on the on-premises desktops. Cloud and LTO workflow has never been more integrated with a shared storage solution than Object Cloud &. LTO

  • Simple Drag-and-drop Archive, Backup and Restore
  • File Movement through FastTracker for Archive and Restore
  • Scheduled Backup of Volumes through FS Mirror
  • Cloud Storage Available for a Set Yearly Renewal Fee

Object Cloud

Object Cloud

Object Cloud is an integrated representation of all cloud files and folders within a Facilis cache volume. It can be used with existing cloud accounts or turn-key with storage include in the yearly cost.

  • Storage Sizes: 10-l00TB
  • Supported SW: 7.x and higher Supported Cloud
  • Providers: AWS S3, Azure, Wasabi
  • Cloud Provider when purchased turnkey: Wasabi

Object LTO

Quantum Scalar i3

Object LTO is an integrated representation of all LTO files and folders within a Facilis cache volume. Purchased as a perpetual license for 8/24 or 48 slot libraries with either single or dual tape drives.

  • Library sizes: 8-slot, 24-slot, 48-slot
  • Supported SW: 7.x and higher
  • Supported HW: Servers SN TB-01418 {Winl0) and greater
  • Supported Attachment: Single port 6Gb SAS H680


HDD Servers

Facilis HDD Servers

Facilis 8  -  Facilis HUB 16  -  Facilis HUB 32  -  XP16

HUB One Stack

Facilis HUB One

HUB One -  Facilis HUB 16 - Facilis HUB 16

SSD/Hybrid Servers

Facilis SSD Server

Facilis 8S -  Hybrid16

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