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Overland-Tandberg is a global technology company, serving over 100+ countries, empowering businesses, large and small, to securely manage and protect their digital assets. Overland has an extensive suite of hybrid cloud and client cloud solutions based on their RDX and NEO tape patented technology. Their principal architecture includes data management, data protection and business continuity offerings.


RDX Removable Disk Overview

RDX® is a removable disk-based technology providing lightning fast backup and restore. The RDX product family is designed to deliver cost efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with growing data storage needs. There's no technical mountain to climb here, and it's just as easy to store data offsite—simply remove the pocket-sized disk media and carry to another location.

Grow your data storage needs affordably with RDX Removable Disk Cartridges. The RDX system is designed so that your data storage needs can grow using removable disk cartridges that range in capacity from 500GB to 4TB. Tandberg Data's RDX disk media are fully interchangeable and compatible with all our RDX systems. If you need a bigger backup run, then just use a higher capacity disk media. If you migrate from RDX QuikStor to RDX QuikStation, your RDX disk media come with you. And larger capacity RDX disk media will be fully compatible with any RDX product you've got.

RDX Family Overview - RDX®  is the removable disk standard which combines the portability and reliability of tape-based technology with the speed and simplicity of a hard disk drive. The RDX product family is designed to provide an affordable and flexible platform for data storage, data protection and off-site disaster recovery for physical or virtual environments as well as in Hybrid-Cloud applications.

rdxLOCK RansomBlock Feature

Ransomware has emerged as the most dangerous cyber threat for organisations. Almost every day, we read about new incidents in the news. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to the victim‘s data until a ransom is paid. After a ransomware attack, system might be locked, or files are encrypted, deleted or inaccessible.


RansomBlock - Giving a peace of mind

The RansomBlock functionality sets all data on the RDX WORM media into a read-only mode. In addition, it allows write operations to RDX media for granted applications and processes similar to a personal FireWall. Therefore, backup applications are able to use RDX WORM media like a regular RDX backup target.

RansomBlock performs a validation check each time a write operation tries to access the RDX media. In case of a virus or ransomware attack or unauthorised access, RansomBlock will deny this operation and protect the data stored on RDX media from being infected.


  • Reliable data protection against virus and ransomware attacks
  • Transparent backup application integration
  • Whitelist and blacklist capabilities for applications
  • Possibility to grant or deny individual tasks
  • Automatic whitelisting for initial setup and configuration simplification
  • Compatibility with all RDX QuikStor drives and RDX QuikStation disk appliances (RDX single drive mode and disk autoloader mode only)
  • Free download
  • 60-day trial of the full functionality, afterwards data will not be accessible unless a valid RDX WORM media licence is installed
RDX Drive


  • 1 piece of media - Single drive
  • Capacity: Up to 5TB
  • Protects: Single workstation or server
  • Typical backup scheme: 3 Media Rotation


  • 4 pieces of media - 4-drive appliance
  • Capacity: Up to 20TB
  • Protects: Multiple workstations or servers
  • Typical backup scheme: Network attached RDX with multiple drives or one large RDX volume


  • 8 pieces of media - 8-drive appliance
  • Capacity: Up to 40TB
  • Protects: Multiple workstations or servers
  • Typical backup scheme: Network attached disk array with multiple drives

Tape Automation

LTO Tape is the ultimate solution for a final layer in data protection and archive. Widely used, LTO Tape is recognised as the standard for final data protection processes. Industry leaders believe in LTO Tape because of its definitive reliability, offline security and lowest cost of storage. LTO is the ideal solution for Long Term Data Storage and protection.

Overland Tandberg NEO XL-Series libraries address data storage for midrange and enterprise businesses

NEO®xl 80

Overland Tandberg NEO XL-Series library data storage for midrange and enterprise businesses

NEO®xl 40

Overland Tandberg NEOs T24 is a powerful backup and archive solution designed for small businesses

NEO®s T24

Overland Tandberg NEO StorageLoader. Affordable high-capacity backup and archive for small office environments

NEO Series® StorageLoader®

Overland Tandberg LTO tape drives protect your server data

LTO Tape Drives

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