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Unlocking the potential of digital content

At Quantum, we understand how to help you capture, manage, and store your video and data – to realize its infinite possibilities. We leverage decades of expertise in storage technology to deliver bold, innovative solutions to forward-thinking organizations. Our technology and services are uniquely designed for video and large data sets – applications that will make up an estimated 80% of all data by 2025. We provide you with end-to-end solutions built for every stage of your data’s lifecycle – offering ultra-fast performance, real-time collaboration and analysis, and low-cost archiving – on-premise or in the cloud. We are a company committed to helping you create, innovate, and protect, so together we can make the world a happier, safer, and smarter place.


Tape Storage: The Most Effective Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware Protection Packages

To help protect you against ransomware threats, we’ve created Quantum Ransomware Protection Packages. Three pre-defined Ransomware Protection Packages—small, medium, and large—are available at various capacity points. These are specifically designed to be the most secure way to store your critical data, truly offline.

When ransomware viruses target backup systems, they lay dormant on networks undetected, and eventually encrypt the entire backup environment, including replicated copies, even in the cloud. Here are the benefits of using tape storage:

  • Tape is inherently secure because data is stored offline, making it a proven solution against modern cyberattacks.
  • An offline copy of tape on premise allows you to quickly recover from an air-gapped copy of your data.
  • Tape provides the lowest-cost archive storage, with the lowest power consumption and cooling requirements.
  • Tape has remained at the forefront of innovation, always evolving throughout its many generations with its cutting-edge ability to provide security, integrity, and availability.
  • Tape on premise allows you to avoid data egress charges from cold storage cloud providers.

ActiveScale Object Storage

See how ActiveScale is helping data-driven enterprises manage, scale, and protect their most valuable data.

ActiveScale Object Storage

Gain Insights, Extract Value, and Improve Business Outcomes

Companies today strive to treat data as a business asset that enables valuable insights and improves their competitive position. But unlocking value requires overcoming the challenges of managing, scaling, protecting, and analyzing massive amounts of unstructured file and object data.

ActiveScale™ addresses these challenges with an integrated system that’s built on an exabyte-scale architecture and designed to get you up and running quickly. This architectural design provides the foundation to help you store data forever and extract more value from it.

Quantum ActiveScale
Quantum Activescale case study with Genomics England Stores

Genomics England Stores, Protects, and Provides Access to Petabytes of Genomic Data with Quantum ActiveScale

ATFS (All-Terrain File System)

ATFS Automated Classification and Tagging for Better Data Management

Classify and visualise data for real-time insights, then leverage insights to optimise storage resource allocation and utilisation and place data when and where it is required by the application.

Quantum ATFS, a network-attached storage platform that manages storage and data

Optimise Storage Resources Based On and For the Benefit of Data

Classify and visualise data for real-time insights, then leverage insights to optimise storage resource allocation and utilisation and place data when and where it is required by the application.

Tape Storage

Data Protection & Long-Term Storage Are More Important than Ever

Tape has been used for decades to preserve and protect data, and today more than ever tape is the best choice for long-term storage. Not only that, but tape has emerged as a key part of cloud and hyperscale infrastructures. The biggest data centers on the planet are using tape, and using it extensively.

LTO Media

Quantum LTO Media

Quantum Certified LTO Ultrium media is manufactured to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability, ensuring high performance and durability, whether utilized for primary backup or long-term archive. LTO Ultrium Media, including the latest generation LTO-8, is optimized for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability in either stand-alone or automated environments with compressed capacities of up to 30 TB.

Tape Drives

Quantum Tape Drives

As your long-term data storage grows, so does your need for a dependable and efficient way to keep it protected. Based on the world's leading tape technology, Quantum's LTO tape drives work seamlessly with Scalar® tape libraries and automatically match the tape drive speed to that of the host, optimizing performance and increasing reliability. Plus, Quantum's LTO tape drives are easy to deploy and upgrade, making them perfect for small, mid-sized and corporate storage environments.

Superloader 3

Quantum Superloader

The SuperLoader® 3 brings you a full suite of advanced features at an affordable price with easy integration, an intuitive user interface and compatibility with a broad range of backup software packages. And because you can easily expand from 8 to 16 cartridge slots, your investment is protected as your needs grow.

Scalar i3 Library

Quantum Scalar i3

Scalar® i3 tape library is designed for ease of use, from initial setup to ongoing management.

Scalar i6 Library

Quantum Superloader i6000

Scalar® i6 tape library delivers the highest storage density in LTO automation, scaling up to 24 PB in a standard 19-inch rack, providing the lowest cost per GB within a single rack.

Scalar i6000 Library

Quantum i6000

Scalar i6000 is the most feature-rich and technically advanced enterprise tape library available, allowing organizations to optimize the library configuration to meet their specific workflow demands.

DXi Backup Appliances

Backup Has Become a Critical, Enterprise-wide Challenge

DXi backup appliances provide high-performance, scalable storage for backup and multi-site disaster recovery, with the industry’s most efficient design. Variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction, our unique replication engine enables multi-site protection and DR, and the high-efficiency design enables customers to maximize backup performance while minimizing data center footprint.

Shared Storage


Quantum Xcellis

Xcellis® high-performance workflow storage is primary storage optimized for demanding video workflows – powered by StorNext®, the industry’s fastest and most reliable streaming file system.  Xcellis optimizes video production tasks, accelerates time to insight, and empowers organizations to do more with their data.

Quantum F-Series

Ultra-fast NVMe storage servers for editing, rendering, and processing of video content and other large unstructured data sets.

Quantum QXS 12G Storage


Quantum QXS Hybrid Storage provides 90% of that Flash performance — for 30% of the cost. Our unique Q-Tier technology analyzes data access patterns in real-time to see which data is being accessed right now, and needs to be in fast storage.

File System

StoreNext 6

Unmatched Streaming Performance & Advanced Data Management

StorNext®, a combination of a high-speed, parallel file system and data management software, was created to solve the daunting problem of sharing, preserving, and analyzing massive volumes of unstructured data. Recognized as a leader in scale-out storage for high-volume, rich media workflows, we have taken these capabilities even further by continuously developing the software and focusing on advancements most needed by our customer ecosystem.

Hyperconverged Surveillance Platform

Quantum VS2124

Quantum VS2124

Quantum’s VS2124 video surveillance appliance is a purpose-built system for video recording and management. The VS2124 incorporates enterprise-class reliability and redundancy—all while remaining simple to configure, operate, and maintain. It can be installed and ready to use in less than 1 hour.

The VS2124 supports over 400* video surveillance cameras and provides 240 TB of space (usable) to store video surveillance images, all in 2U of rack space.

*VS2124 has been verified to support over 400 2MP cameras at 30fps with server-based motion detection

Quantum VS1110-A


The VS1110-A is designed for applications where high performance, redundancy, and availability are required. The SSD storage speeds application performance with RAID 1 data protection, while redundant hot swap power supplies and HDDs provide redundancy and availability.

Security, Loss Prevention, and Smarter Cities Drive the Need for New Architectures

Quantum Surveillance

In-Vehicle Storage. Quantum R-Series

Quantum R-Series

Capture data quickly, inside a moving vehicle, without loss or corruption - and automatically ingest that data so you can innovate and develop safer vehicles.

Quantum R-Series
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