New Managed IT Security Services from Titan Data Solutions

Businesses which need to upgrade their IT security operations are now looking at outsourcing to experts who will take the responsibility – you could offer a Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) or Fully Managed IT Security Services to your customers today

What are the Managed IT Security Services?

A Managed SOC from Titan is an outsourced IT security operations team for the customer. The managed services can range from extended services around SIEM management and threat detection/response, all the way through to fully managed security services for managing the entire security stack, including antivirus, encryption and so on. Many customers now need to implement a new “threat detection and response” layer of security, and this can also be a tipping point to consider outsourcing IT security operations altogether.

The Managed SOC is able to cover a full range of security processes, including asset discovery; continuous vulnerability scanning; behavioural monitoring; 24/7 host-based and network-based intrusion detection with real-time analysis; 24/7 managed SIEM and log management to monitor infrastructure, systems, network and web applications for potential security breaches; managed detection and response; file integrity monitoring; threat mining; dark web monitoring; and reporting. On top of this, as the SOC’s relationship with the customer develops, a playbook of responses to security incidents can be developed and the SOC can take power to act, if required, on the customer’s network. So problems can be dealt with, without disturbing the customer in the middle of the night.

How can Titan help me?

You can offer your customers outsourced Managed SOC services, and Full Managed Security Services, from the Titan Cybersecurity Centre. For many clients, this is a very practical way to meet rapidly evolving cybersecurity requirements, while saving money against in-house implementation and transferring responsibility to certified experts.

We provide the services to a wide range of companies – via VARs, MSPs and IT Resellers

To find out how you can start offering your customers the cybersecurity services they need, with no upfront investment and good margins, please contact one of our Cybersecurity Specialists

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