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We Craft the Datasphere.

We help maximise humanity’s potential by delivering world-class, precision-engineered data solutions developed through sustainable and profitable partnerships.

The global datasphere will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 by 2025. Nearly 30% of the world’s data will need real-time processing. Is your business ready?

“The constraints on capturing the full potential of data are both systemic and operational. At zettabyte scale, there needs to be a simple, secure, and economic way to capture, store, and activate data.”


Seagate Systems

Enterprise storage solutions from Seagate Systems

All bespoke configurations available on request, please contact the Titan sales team for pricing.

Entry SAN

EXOS X 2U12 - 192TB (12x 16TB HDD) / 4x 10GbE SFP+

Seagate 2U12 system

List Price - £6,625

Seagate Exos X 2U12 is an entry-level SAN that delivers advanced data protection, capacity, and performance at an optimal cost.

  • Reliable backup for SMB
  • Sub-500 Camera Surveillance Solution

Value Flash SAN

NYTRO X 2U24 - 369TB (24X 15.36TB SSD) / 8x 10GbE SFP+

Seagate 2U24 system Data Storage

List Price - £84,225

Seagate Nytro® X 2U24 is the affordable all-flash array (AFA) system for critical workloads that demand the highest performance.

  • Value flash array for content editing and management
  • Big Data Analytics AI/ML

Hybrid SAN

EXOS X 5U84 - 1.2PB (80x 16TB HDD/4x 1.92TB SSD) / 8x 10GbE SFP+

Exos X 5U84 data storage system

List Price - £35,320

Seagate Exos® X 5U84, a just-right hybrid RAID configuration, is the ultra-dense, intelligent solution for maximum capacity and performance at an exceptionally low TCO.

  • Tier 2 storage to support content editing and content repository
  • High-capacity surveillance solution for 6 months+ retention or 1,000+ cameras
  • Scalable backup for enterprise
  • Virtualised building block

Cloud Building Block

EXOS E 4U106 - 1.7PB (106x 16TB HDD)

Seagate 4U106 Data Storage system

List Price - £35,290

Seagate Exos E 4U106 is the largest building block delivering industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed.

  • Private & hybrid cloud building block
  • High-capacity repository for your big data
  • Datastore for high performance computing
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Scalable. Responsive. Innovative.

Catalyse the datasphere, by enabling data centre architects and IT professionals to deliver trusted performance, solid reliability, ironclad enterprise security with a lower TCO even in demanding 24×7 operations.

For everything hyperscale, there’s ExosTM X — the most powerful way to access the datasphere and harness the full potential of the cloud. Exos X18, Exos X16, Exos X14, Exos X12, and Exos X10 enterprise hard drives integrate the latest technology in support of a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud data centre. Specifically designed to work in highly scalable environments requiring low power consumption and weight, the Exos X series hard drives perform consistently while scaling to meet the stringent TCO requirements of most cloud-based data centres.

Seagate X18 HDD

Seagate EXOS 18TB

  • Market-leading 18 TB HDD

  • Highly reliable performance

  • Hyperscale SATA model

  • PowerBalance

  • Maximise total cost of ownership savings

  • Proven helium side-sealing weld technology

  • Digital environmental sensors

  • Data protection and security

  • 5-year limited warranty and 2.5M-hr MTBF rating

Expansion Shelves & JBOD

Exos™ E 2U12

Seagate Exos E 2U12 is the datasphere’s ideal platform for efficient growth, performance, and high capacity at an affordable price.

Seagate Exos E 2U12

Exos™ E 2U24

Seagate® Exos™ E 2U24 is the datasphere’s high-performance, exceptional-capacity platform utilising the latest SAS HDDs for maximum data access speed at a minimum TCO.

Seagate EXOS 2U24
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Data Protection Solutions

In today's business environment, data creates value. Data is a vital business asset that needs protection. That is why security analysts recommend a complete range of solutions that include both software- and hardware-based encryption. Along with instant access and maximum storage performance comes the realisation that encrypting every bit of your business data is the only viable service level.

Authentic. Protected. Proven.

As the industry leader in data-at-rest protection, Seagate offers proven technology that helps to ensure customers have the highest level of encryption possible — encryption that complies with the strictest government standards.

Seagate Secure Authentic


Genuine, high-quality Seagate hardware is secured from design to supply, to retirement.

Seagate Secure Protected


Unique, critical security features keep you one step ahead of potential threats.

Seagate Secure Proven


A true legacy of validated solutions and demonstrated success in the field.

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Lightspeed. Solid. Impressive.

Seagate Nytro Enterprise SSDs support the datasphere with blazing speed, enabling real-time business responsiveness, instantaneous data availability and meaningful insights.

Tap the ever-growing potential of your data with the broadest portfolio of ultra-high-performance SSD and flash solutions. With maximum performance, low latency, and reduced power consumption, Nytro makes the datasphere dynamic.

Seagate Nytro Drives

Tailor With High Capacity, Performance and Endurance

Seagate Nytro Enterprise SSDs support the datasphere with blazing speed, enabling real-time business responsiveness, instantaneous data availability and meaningful insights.

Tap the ever-growing potential of your data with the broadest portfolio of ultra-high-performance SSD and flash solutions. With maximum performance, low latency, and reduced power consumption, Nytro makes the datasphere dynamic.

  • Dual-port 12 Gb/s SAS interface for the highest level of enterprise reliability, availability and scalability
  • Industry-leading storage density range up to 15 TB in a 2.5-inch form factor
  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 240K IOPS and 2.1 GB/s that saturates both 12 Gb/s links
  • Endurance options to match a wide range of enterprise workloads
  • Enhanced enterprise reliability, data protection, and data security

Optimised for High-Density Data Centres

Nytro low-power NVMe SSDs are perfectly tuned to increase density and performance while lowering cooling and energy costs in hyperscale data centres.

  • Industry-leading storage density of up to 1.92 TB
  • 4× the bandwidth of SATA SSDs thanks to PCIe interface with NVMe protocol
  • Lower TCO with up to 67% less power usage than other NVMe SSDs
  • Optimised for read-intensive and mixed workloads
  • Outstanding enterprise reliability and data integrity

Cost-Effective SSD Designed for Data Centre and Cloud Server Applications

The Nytro SATA SSDs are a cost-effective, enterprise-grade SSD solutions designed to boost performance, improve quality of service and enhance user experience. With a SATA storage interface, the Nytro SATA SSDs meet the high performance and reliability requirements without disrupting legacy storage infrastructures and additional investments in software and hardware.

  • Seagate DuraWrite™ lossless data reduction technology is designed to increase performance and deliver high-power efficiency
  • Tunable capacity for performance- or capacity-optimised SSD solutions
  • Seagate Secure technology with secure supply chain, SD&D, Seagate Instant Secure Erase, and SED options
  • Easy deployment in legacy storage infrastructures with SATA 6 Gb/s interface
  • Enhanced enterprise reliability and consistent IOPS performance with low latency
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IronWolf is Way Ahead of the Pack

Be Tough. Be Ready.

Seagate understands your unique data storage challenges, and crafted the IronWolf® and IronWolf Pro network attached storage (NAS) hard drives to help you achieve your goals. We continue to push capacity boundaries way ahead of our competition.

For everything NAS, there’s IronWolf and IronWolf Pro — always on, always working. Built for multi-user environments and high workload rates, these NAS hard drives are enhanced with AgileArray™ technology for optimal reliability and system scalability.

Seagate Ironwolf HDDS

Meiji Chang

General Manager of QNAP

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Manage Drive Health

IronWolf Health Management (IHM) improves overall system reliability by displaying actionable prevention, intervention, and recovery options. When IronWolf or IronWolf Pro hard drives are integrated into compatible NAS systems, the overall system reliability increases due to constant monitoring and user alerts

Seagate Ironwolf Health

Rescue Data Recovery Service Plans

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset — Your Data! Rescue Data Recovery Service Plans help you to eliminate the high cost of data recovery in case of accidental data loss — offering complete peace of mind.

Gain Peace of Mind for Less Data recovery is expensive. But with a Seagate Rescue Plan it doesn’t have to be. Rest easy knowing that your data is protected against loss by the leader in the industry, all at an affordable price. Seagate’s fast and easy recovery process, supported by a team of data recovery specialists, means that your files can be restored in as few as two days.

Rescue Works for All Your Data

With a Seagate Rescue Plan, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data—whatever device you store it on—is always protected, whether you drop it, dunk it or accidentally delete it. The plan includes:

  • Coverage for all types of storage media and brands
  • Free shipping for in-lab data recovery
  • 24×7 online tracking and status of your case
Seagate Rescue Service

Small Business Data Can Depend On IronWolf™ Pro

Small businesses can usually rely on NAS, but sometimes they just need a recovery service that can also be completely trusted. When you shouldn’t use RAID but you need to recover your data, go with IronWolf Pro. IronWolf Pro is the first to include a Rescue Data Recovery Service Plan for 2 years in addition to a standard 5-year warranty on the drive itself.

Seagate Lyve Managed Migration Services

Legacy Data Meets the Cloud

Extract more value from legacy content with managed migration services

Managed migration helps enterprises monetise, migrate, and transfer data with greater speed and security. Easily move and manage current or legacy data to find new revenue streams and reduce operational costs.

Migration Services

Unlocking legacy data for AI and analytics

Lyve is a simple, streamlined process for migrating high volumes of data from aging storage devices of any media and data format directly to a private, hybrid or public cloud platform in a secure and methodical way. (For Seagate private cloud solutions please click here

By consolidating your data in a centralised digital repository, you can protect it from physical deterioration, theft, and other security risks. Further, you can unlock the potential to access, restore, mine, analyse, monetise, and deploy it in ways never before possible.

Tape Consolidation

Bringing legacy data back from the cold

With customers consistently needing to backup more and more data the backup window is constantly shrinking. Customers still using legacy LTO formats will be using slower technology and having to use and store multiple tapes due to much smaller capacities. Seagate Lyve can consolidate all legacy generations of LTO in order to help move customers up to the latest technology and bigger capacity LTO media.

Obtain and secure every possible data fragment from your records with Seagate Lyve managed migration service
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