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A New Concept in Distribution


What’s the challenge?


The Titan Cybersecurity centre has expert services needed to counter modern cyber threats on a 24/7 basis
  • The most cost-effective and reliable way to access these services is from a shared, certified cybersecurity services provider
  • Expert services are needed to counter modern cyber threats, ideally on a 24/7 basis – security products on their own are not enough
  • Moving to cybersecurity Managed Services can reduce overall cybersecurity costs, improve security, improve compliance, reduce management stress, and free up IT resources for other tasks. Full Managed Services can be selected, including antivirus and firewalls, or individual elements such as "MDR" threat detection and response and vulnerability assessment.
  • In addition, a wide range of Professional Services such as Security Audit, Penetration Testing and Anti-Phishing Training can be selected from the certified specialist suppliers at the Titan Cybersecurity Centre.

The Titan Cybersecurity Centre allows resellers and MSPs to resell these services to their end customers without any up-front investments

No upfront investment

A zero-investment method for Titan’s resellers and MSPs to resell advanced cybersecurity managed and professional services from a comprehensive range, which is provided by a set of accredited specialist service providers

Easy to do

The cybersecurity service providers are selected, contracted and managed by Titan Data Solutions;

Recurring revenues

Excellent reseller margins on the service packages, and future annuity business as well on contract renewals

Secure contract

A comprehensive services reseller contract, including options for the service provider to take responsibility for providing the services to the end-customer, or else to an MSP for resale to its customer (eg for an MSP offering hosted services).

Full presales support

From Titan Data Solutions, so that resellers do not need to add any technical support capability (note: after the sale, the services are self-supporting);

Managed & professional services

Enable the reseller and MSP to provide service-based solutions for a wide range of cybersecurity requirements, providing a new level of protection including 24/7 cover.

A full range of cybersecurity managed and professional services is available from the Titan Cybersecurity Centre

Cybersecurity Managed Services

  • Endpoint managed security service 
  • Firewall managed security service 
  • Patch management 
  • Microsoft ATP / EDR management 
  • Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) 
  • SIEM managed security service 
  • WAF (web application firewall) managed service 
  • Managed SOC – outsourced security operations centre 
  • Anti-phishing simulation and training 
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • ISO 27001 certification

Cybersecurity Professional Services

  • Cybersecurity audit 
  • Vulnerability assessment 
  • Penetration testing – internal, external, web application 
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification 
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Anti-phishing simulation and training
  • Endpoint forensics examination (hard drive) 
  • Architectural services 
  • DLP design services 
  • Project management 
  • GDPR/ISO/PCI DSS consulting 
  • Security testing: source code review 
  • Security awareness training 
  • Red Team security assessment

Who can get involved?


Resellers who do not offer their own cybersecurity services at all, Titan’s service packages represent an opportunity to develop new business and satisfy more of the end-customer’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity needs. Titan organises the presales support and implementation, while the SOC provides the services. In this way, resellers can easily start to sell recurring cybersecurity service contracts, without expensive investments in technical support resources.


Titan’s service packages can be built into the overall MSP service offering for end-users of all sizes, extending cybersecurity services cost-effectively and rapidly in important areas such as 24/7 MDR (managed detection and response), vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, Cyber Essentials certification, anti-phishing simulation and training, and other professional services.

An opportunity for all resellers

From Small Acorns...

Titan appreciates that short consulting projects can be a very important starting point in cybersecurity. A good job done can potentially lead to many further opportunities for the reseller. That is why Titan places high importance on projects of all sizes. Resellers have procured security audit, penetration testing and Cyber Essentials consulting from Titan, for example:

A wide range of professional and managed cybersecurity services provided by Titan Data Solutions

Need Help with Cyber Essentials? – Learn how the Titan Cybersecurity Centre helped an accident repair company

An accident repairs company needed Cyber Essentials certification but wanted some help with the submission. Connected Systems Solutions, their MSP, ordered in a specialist via the Titan Cybersecurity Centre and the professional services were delivered 11 days later. The specialist resolved customer issues and went the extra mile to help with the submission itself – leading to successful award of the certificate. Kevin Harvey, director of Connected Systems Solutions Ltd, commented. “Everything went like clockwork from beginning to end. Titan Data Solutions took time to understand the customer requirement and were then fast and flexible in delivery – leading to a successful result and a happy client.”

“Everything went like clockwork from beginning to end. Titan Data Solutions took time to understand the customer requirement and were then fast and flexible in delivery – leading to a successful result and a happy client.”

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