Titan Data Solutions and Hammerspace

Hammerspace: Expands Access in the UK and Europe to the Software and Technical Expertise to Build a Global Data Environment


enabling high-performance data ingest and efficient data management in a single global namespace for multi-site, multi-cloud and distributed workflows. 

Designed to make data a global resource across distributed or otherwise incompatible storage platforms, Hammerspace enables read/write data access to any user and any application, in any datacentre or any cloud, anywhere. 

“Data driven organisations need specialised storage to meet the performance and capacity requirements of their workloads. Titan is proud to provide the choice of storage needed for any environment,” commented Steve Low, Titan co-Founder and Sales Director.  “These specialised storage solutions have also created a challenge in how to use data across data silos. We are thrilled to have Hammerspace available to provide the data access solution decentralised organisations need when working with data stored at the edge, in datacentres, or across different clouds.” 

“It certainly meets the requirements of companies that we work with in life sciences, in finance, legal, and media and entertainment, who have the same issues when working across multiple sites”. 

Enterprises, research organisations, and content creators have experienced a massive change in how they create, process, store and share data.  Data is scattered across storage clusters and cloud instances, and, often needs to be used by a remote workforce and applications.  Hammerspace provides the solution to make data a global asset while leveraging the storage platforms where the data was created. 

“Hammerspace is excited to team with Titan Data Solutions to bring the advantages of the Global Data Environment to innovative organisations in the UK and Europe,” said Jim Choumas, VP of Global Channel Sales at Hammerspace.  “Data architectures are going through a paradigm shift.  The incredible technical expertise of the Titan Team will help make global data a reality, faster.”

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