Synology DVA1622 brings AI-powered video surveillance
Synology DVA1622 brings AI-powered video surveillance to small businesses

Let your customers unlock more possibilities to protect their premises against physical damage and unauthorised access. They will experience a higher level of security with the two bay Deep Learning NVR DVA1622, the simple and smart video surveillance solution from Synology, powered by Surveillance Station 9.0

Space-saving installation

Minimised footprint for the monitoring setup. The DVA1622’s local management capabilities make it an ideal solution for compact small business and home surveillance systems and security kiosks when available space is limited.

High definition video output

Connect an external display directly to the built-in HDMI port to start monitoring premises in minutes.

Local management

Control the Surveillance Station installation without setting up a dedicated PC by attaching a mouse and keyboard directly to the DVA1622.

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