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Unify Data Access Across Data Centre Clusters and Clouds. Any Application, Any User, Any Data Centre, Any Cloud Service, Anywhere.

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About Hammerspace

Hammerspace delivers a global data environment which spans across data centres, AWS, Azure, and Google cloud infrastructure. With origins in Linux, NFS, open standards, flash and deep file system and data management technology leadership, Hammerspace delivers the world’s first and only solution to connect global users with their data and applications, on any existing data centre infrastructure or AWS, Azure and Google services.

A Hammerspace, is a “fan envisioned, extradimensional, instantly accessible storage area in fiction, allowing animated characters to produce objects out of thin air” Hammerspace, the tech company, seemingly does the same with your customer’s data. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment instantly connects global users with their data and applications, on any existing data centre infrastructure, cloud service, or hybrid cloud, seemingly out of thin air.

Hammerspace Helps Make Your Customer’s Data Global

Hammerspace is a software-defined data orchestration and storage solution that unifies data into a single, global namespace across geographic locations, different storage types, and multiple data centres and clouds.

The Hammerspace Global Data Environment provides users and applications the experience of ‘local’ access to all their data, no matter where it’s stored, or where the users or applications are located.


Read/Write From Anywhere

Leverage all of your data, from anywhere in the world, no matter where it is stored.


Unify Data Silos

Unify all of your data from edge, across datacenters, and the cloud into a single, accessible data set.


Overcome Data Gravity

Move your data with ease to the compute resources or applications that help you innovate.

Hammerspace Global Data Environment

  • A single logical system that spans multiple remote sites
  • Access billions of files without copying data everywhere
  • Create policies to automate the management of your data
  • Manage via any metadata or custom metadata attribute
  • Eliminate data gravity with the ability to move data to any storage infrastructure live and transparently
  • Replicate, tier, protect and recover at the file-level
  • integrate with 3rd-party applications, technologies and platforms

How It Works

The Hammerspace solution provides a truly global file system which integrates advances in machine learning and NAS protocols to free data from the constraints of legacy storage solutions.


Metadata Replication

By managing metadata separately from data, it becomes possible to make file data appear virtually anywhere without copying it. Across sites, data is replicated asynchronously with multi-site collision detection so that data is never lost.


Machine Learning Policy-Engine

A machine learning engine runs a continuous simulation between data and available infrastructure resources. The model provides a rich understanding of the global data environment by continuously collecting performance telemetry from workloads for each file accessed. Data management decisions are made in real time at file-level granularity, balancing performance and cost across the hybrid cloud.


Live Data Mobility

Data is non-disruptively mobilized to deliver agility and high-performance access to data across the hybrid cloud using scale-out data services. Live data mobility between storage systems and cloud services is achieved using advanced data layout techniques to seamlessly move data through the file system, even during active read/write.

Software-Defined Data Platform


Benefits & Use Cases

  • Business agility – Fast deployment / Decommission
  • Cloud burst processing in the lowest cost cloud region
  • Data placement for lower storage costs
  • Re-use existing storage
  • Enable collaboration internationally
  • Automated cross-platform data services
  • Access NAS data everywhere – Read/Write globally
  • Replicate data local to user

Case Study

Jellyfish Pictures selects Hammerspace to provide a Global Data Environment for Virtual Production

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