Data Management Software for Hybrid Storage at Petabyte Scale


About Nodeum

Enterprises are facing strategic challenges in their data management to organise and control the explosion of unstructured data across different types of storage. Nodeum manages and abstracts storage tiers, automating the data management process.

Data management software for hybrid storage at petabyte scale. Enabling users to Archive, Protect and Migrate data across any type of storage - NAS, Cloud, Object and Tape

Optimize data movement and data placement wherever the location. Improve operations and save time with a single, intuitive storage and process management software that works across multiple storage silos >


One Platform to Manage All Storage Solutions

Define the right movement for your data


Data Migration

Automate secure migration of your data between your different storage systems.  Individual file level reporting for audit purposes.


Data Archiving

Move selected data to secondary storage tier to decrease the capacity of expensive primary storage while keeping online access to your data.  Individual file level search and access.


Data Protection

User centric backup approach to eliminate disruption and ensure business continuity with a reliable and easily accessible offline archive.  Individual file level search and retrieve.

Catalogue and Search

Quick and easy restoration of data when needed

Workflow Orchestrator

Increase productivity and gain control over files and system data with file-based, automated data workflows

Metadata Driven

Policies based on access date, creation date, file name…

Analysis & Reporting

Traceability and control of each file archived

No vendor lock-in

Nodeum supports multiple vendors: NAS, Cloud, Object and Tape

Key Features

Searchable Catalogue

Catalogue in real-time data stored in any of your storage systems (primary and secondary storages). Accessing and finding your data have never been easier.

Policy-based Workflow Manager

Create and define data movement task.  This can be defined per data set and per storage but also with a certain level of policy : Copy, Scan, Move or Erase.

Reporting & Analysis

Storage data usage statistics reporting and data lifecycle overview. Generate your reports on the current data usage, control and master your data lifecycle.

Leverage Cloud ML/AI

Enrich data stored on premise or in cloud with the best Cloud based ML/AI engines. Get the most of these platforms to facilitate the organization and classification of your contents.

TCO Simulator

Toolbox to control the cost of your storage usage. Provide simulation of the cost impact of a new Storage Data Management Strategy.


Turn any Linux platform to a Nodeum appliance in deploying easily an Ansible package. Get the most of your hardware, avoid any locking and get the most of next releases.

Highly Scalable

Scalability in data volumes, number of files and overall performance allow to grow with your needs in keeping the same user experience.


Enjoy the capability to customise, tag and retrieve your files' metadata. Facilitate your organisation

Intuitive Interface

Provide a natural and unique experience for any user using the solution. This helps to keep focus on your business and productivity.

Tools Integration

Set of features to integrate workflows with your third party applications : Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning, Final Cut Pro, ....


Enabling usage of Amazon's Server-Side Encryption: SSE-S3, SSE-C or SSE-KMS. Server-side encryption is about protecting data at rest, its encrypts only the object data, not object metadata.

Public RESTful API

Allowing tight integration within the business workflow, allowing for control of the data straight from source application.



Key Vertical Markets

  • Media and Entertainment (post-production, broadcasting)
  • University Research
  • Hospital / DNA
  • Space
  • Climate & Geology
  • CCTV

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