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The HC3 Virtualization Platform is Simply Better

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions like the HC3 Virtualisation Platform combine servers, storage, and virtualisation into a single appliance that can be deployed quickly, managed easily, and scaled out seamlessly. With hyperconverged infrastructure, SAN and NAS storage is no longer required for highly available infrastructure.

We combined servers, storage, and virtualisation into a single solution to make IT infrastructure easier for organisations of every size. Whether you have one IT administrator or hundreds, our HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates complexity, lowers costs, and frees up management time.

Using an appliance-based approach to virtualization, our HC3 infrastructure solution is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and allows you to scale seamlessly as your organization grows. Even in an emergency with the failure of hardware components or entire appliances, HC3 infrastructure lets you keep critical apps – and your entire organization – up and running.


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"Deployed quickly, managed easily and scaled out seamlessly."


Manage less with a system designed to run your critical apps more easily.

Eliminating multiple vendors from virtualisation infrastructure makes HC3 far easier to deploy and manage. Your IT administrators will spend less time managing infrastructure and have more time for projects that will move your business forward.

  • Deploy in less than an hour
  • Create new VMs in minutes
  • Single pane, web-based management
  • Automated storage management
  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software
  • Single vendor support experience

Highly Available

Keep your critical apps and data always on and available.

In today’s 24/7/365 world, IT systems can’t afford downtime. Even if a hardware component or an entire HC3 appliance fails, an HC3 cluster can keep your systems running with little to no downtime.

  • Deploy in less than an hour
  • Create new VMs in minutes
  • Single pane, web-based management
  • Automated storage management
  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software
  • Single vendor support experience


Infrastructure that grows with you when you need it.

Traditionally, infrastructure scale-out has been so challenging that organisations planned and purchased infrastructure to accommodate growth up to five years in advance. With HC3 infrastructure, you buy only what you need and then scale-out seamlessly when you need it.

  • Scale-out without downtime
  • Seamless scale-out with automated storage configuration
  • Mix and match hardware appliances
  • Scale-out for higher VM performance


Scale Computing customers love how simple it is to deploy and manage HC3. The platform combines self-healing with intelligent automation, empowering Scale Computing customers to spend less time on infrastructure maintenance and focus on strategic projects to grow their business.


Scale Computing HC3® eliminates the need to combine traditional virtualisation software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage from separate vendors to create a virtualised environment. The HC3 all-in-one appliance architecture makes it easy to deploy fully integrated, highly available virtualisation out of the box.


Using patented HyperCore™ technology, the HC3 self-healing platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects problems in the infrastructure in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime even when local IT resources and staff are scarce.

Edge Computing

HC3 Edge Appliances: Compute from Beyond the Datacenter

Want to process data in real time? Edge computing enables you to instantly collect, process, and reduce vast amounts of data where you need it, and then upload to a centralised data center or cloud.

As technology pushes its way into every part of business, the need for edge computing is expanding. HC3 Edge brings simple, available, and affordable infrastructure to edge computing.

With edge computing, you can run applications and process data outside centralised data centers, at the edge of your network closest to where that data is created and utilised. Centrally monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of distributed edge infrastructure deployments with few or no on-site IT personnel.

The HC3 Edge series brings on-premises edge computing with high availability and disaster recovery to remote locations at an affordable entry level cost. All edge models can be deployed quickly, managed locally or remotely, and can self-heal almost instantly. Enjoy affordable edge computing infrastructure that is reliable, easy to deploy, and easy to use.

Maximum Uptime

HC3 self-healing technology keeps applications running.

Our patented HyperCoreTM technology helps you find and prevent infrastructure problems in real time. Applications are always available, even as hardware problems arise or updates are applied.

  • All VMs created are highly available
  • No single point of failure
  • Clustered architecture
  • Self-healing machine intelligence

One Unified Platform

Simplifies deployment and management.

HC3 architecture eliminates hardware and software silos with built-in self-healing, local high-availability, remote disaster recovery, and hybrid cloud capabilities. Customers can add additional resources without downtime. They can also manage sites individually or centrally, with complete flexibility in how sites are grouped, orchestrated, and monitored. No VMware or additional hypervisor license is required.

  • Single vendor support experience
  • Create new VMs in minutes
  • Multi-site management
  • Integrated, all-in-one appliance

Extraordinarily Easy

Easy to use. Hard to believe.

As intuitive as a smartphone, the system doesn't require any specialized training, certification, or onsite IT expertise to get started. HC3 systems can be deployed in minutes, with only minimal IT support.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Limited IT resources required
  • Intelligent automation and self-healing

Fantastic Economics

Do more with less cost and fewer resources.

HC3 offers the industry’s lowest edge acquisition and deployment cost and can reduce ongoing management costs by 60-80%. Monitor one to thousands from a single interface, with a platform that can grow from the smallest edge location to the largest centralized data center, under a single architecture. No virtualization licensing costs required.

  • Reduce deployment time and costs
  • Reduce ongoing management
  • No certifications required
  • No VMware or additional licenses
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“Scale Computing's software-defined HC3 Edge and HE500 systems, where "E" represents Edge deliver hyperconverged platform for edge workloads (such as PoS systems, analytics, parking barrier applications etc.) that require modern platform features such as low latency, automation and high performance delivered in edge-friendly form factors and cheaper costs

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“In IDC's opinion, edge computing revolution has only just started to unfold with big opportunities ahead for vendors with the right solution, form factor, price, security, and ecosystem of analytics, cloud, application vendors.

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“Scale Computing, with its technology alliances, software innovation and customer wins is carving a niche for edge use cases. How it keeps up the momentum as the big daddies of HCI accelerate their edge game plan will determine its future success. But today it has an early mover advantage, experience and customers to demonstrate its credibility as a viable solution for edge transformation.”

HC3 Cloud Unity

For on-prem infrastructure, no solution is easier to implement and manage than HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure. The automated management of server resources and storage means that the management interface is as simple as any public or private cloud environment.

Partnering with Google, we’ve extended the reach of HC3 hyperconvergence to the cloud. Nested virtualization in Google Cloud Platform allows Scale Computing to run HC3 in the cloud and replicate data between cloud and on-prem HC3 systems. Connecting HC3 systems between on-prem and cloud opened the way for the built-in data protection features to be used for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Now, with HC3 Cloud Unity, your on-prem HC3 system can be connected to, and protected by, the cloud. By deploying a virtual HC3 appliance on Google Cloud Platform, VMs can be replicated securely and protected for failover and disaster recovery. HC3 Cloud Unity is an ideal option for smaller organizations without a second site for disaster recovery, or for organizations that prefer the flexibility and availability of the cloud.


The Reliability of Google Cloud Platform

A reliable, remote location to protect your data and applications.

Expert Assistance

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS is delivered by our expert ScaleCare Support & Services Engineers.

Seamless Management

On-prem or in the cloud, your HC3 systems are managed by the same web-based console.

Seamless Networking

Seamless redirection to failed-over workloads in the cloud when disaster strikes.

Complete Disaster Recovery

Seamless redirection to failed-over workloads in the cloud when disaster strikes.

Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Making Virtual Desktop Infrastructure More Affordable for More Organizations

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology brings together a host of vendor components, including virtualization infrastructure, connection brokers, and profile management systems, all in a single package. VDI is a significant benefit to user desktop management, offering increased security, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) flexibility, and better image management. Historically, however, VDI has been too costly and complex for many organizations to use.

Until now….

When you pair Scale Computing HC3 virtualization with VDI solutions or remote desktop solutions like Leostream, Parallels, Liquidware Labs, Citrix, or RDSH, you get a simple, all-in-one solution that provides rapid deployment, ease of management, and high availability – and it’s more affordable than you might think.

Extraordinarily Easy

Easy to use. Hard to believe.

HC3 virtual infrastructure eliminates the complexity and management costs typically associated with VDI solutions. By combining servers, storage, and virtualisation into an appliance, the solution is easier to deploy, easier to manage, and lowers costs compared to other solutions.

  • Rapid deployment: in under an hour.
  • Automation: provides self-healing, high availability, and eliminates manual tasks.
  • Scalability: allows the solution to grow with your users.


A vendor-independent connection management platform.

Supporting Windows and Linux, Leostream specialises in providing secure connections for users with an intuitive, web-based interface. Together, Leostream and HC3 provide full virtual desktop lifecycle management.

  • Desktops on-demand – Leostream quickly provisions virtual machines preconfigured from customized template VMs created in HC3.
  • Improved security – keep data off of the end user’s client device, to ensure that sensitive data never leaves your data center.
  • Lowered costs – avoid licensing fees associated with full VDI stack solutions.

Data Protection

Easy, Built-in Data Protection Gives You One Less Thing to Worry About

Get an extra level of protection for when you need it most. The Scale Computing HC3 platform provides built-in disaster recovery options to protect your data and applications. Even in worst-case scenarios, we can help make sure you experience minimal downtime to keep you in business

Scale Data Protection

Integrated VM-Level Snapshots

Storage efficient VM Snapshots enable instant VM and file recovery.


Replicate snapshots for additional protection.

Failover, Failback, and Restore

Replicated snapshots enable nearly-instant VM recovery

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS

Cloud-based HC3 disaster

Acronis Backup on HC3

Acronis Backup offers advanced backup options.

Other Third-Party Backup Solutions on HC3

Agent-based backup solution of your choice.

Why Scale HC3 is the right choice for business of every size

Scale HSC Case Study

Distributed Enterprises and Edge Computing

Efficiency matters.

Edge computing extends infrastructure beyond the data center. Bring computing power and storage to remote offices, mobile platforms, and retail locations, while lowering deployment and management costs.

Edge computing on HC3 provides automated, self-healing infrastructure where it is needed, simply and efficiently.

Better Consolidation

Do more with less in the data center and at the edge.

Introducing a new era in consolidation. With hyperconverged infrastructure, you can more easily deploy your virtualisation architecture to consolidate servers in your environment and eliminate the need for storage appliances like SAN and NAS. This allows you to get more out of your infrastructure while reducing hardware footprint and power consumption.

Ideal for SME

A solution that delivers big savings.

HC3 can help small and medium-sized organisations go further. The simple, scalable, and highly available HC3 is an ideal choice for organisations with limited IT resources, making deployment and management easy and less costly than traditional solutions.

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