DNS Security for Enterprises and Institutions

London, October 2023. Titan Data Solutions has partnered with Czech company Whalebone to help protect companies and institutions in the UK against elusive threats like phishing and DNS spoofing. Thanks to DNS security, which takes security up to the level where connections are made to internet websites, Titan’s resellers will be able to offer their clients a way to help protect all remote and office-based employees. 

Whalebone Immunity allows network managers to protect all devices in their network, without the need to tamper with their employees’ devices or workflow. As Whalebone’s CTO Robert Šefr stated, “Our DNS resolver blocks access to malicious websites, prevents DNS-based attacks, and adds a layer of security which blocks attacks that even the best end-point antivirus programs and firewalls can’t detect”. 

During recent years UK companies have been targeted by record numbers of elusive cyberattacks such as phishing and the importance of a DNS security layer to block access to dangerous internet websites is emerging as a consequence. 

But this is only one of the reasons why inclusion of Immunity makes Titan’s portfolio even more attractive for their reseller network, as David Treadwell, Solutions Director at Titan Data Solutions, explained: “Whalebone Immunity is a great opportunity for resellers and MSPs to offer their customers this valuable new layer of DNS security, because all presales support is taken care of by Titan, implementation is fast and straightforward, security benefit is immediate, and post-sales support is offered by Whalebone . The solution is purchased as a cloud-based service or on-premises solution. It is an important new extension to Titan’s wide range of cybersecurity services and solutions, which are all distributed using support processes that make the business straightforward for the reseller.” 

Immunity will be offered to Titan’s network of resellers and MSPs from October 2023. 

Whalebone’s Channel Manager Adam Wright commented, “We are happy to have become a part of Titan’s cybersecurity portfolio in the UK. We see great potential in working with Titan and its extensive reseller network to bring our DNS security solution to the large number of customers across the UK for whom it can deliver new security benefits.” 

For any questions concerning products in Titan’s security portfolio, please contact Titan on +44 203 870 2130. 

About Titan Titan is a specialist distributor offering end-to-end data management and cybersecurity solutions and services. By providing best-of-breed products and services, we simplify data management across the lifecycle, ensuring your customer always receives the best fit solution. 

Titan Press Contact: Nigel Morris

About Whalebone Whalebone is a Czech cybersecurity and digital life protection company. Since 2016, Whalebone has provided real-time DNS security to more than 400 telcos, ISPs, and institutions worldwide, protecting internet users from cyberthreats through a combination of threat intelligence and machine learning. 

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