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About StrongBox

StrongBox Data is the leader in intelligent data management and archiving, servicing the world’s most demanding data environments since 2008.

StrongLink is an intelligent software solution that provides IT organisations with policy-based data management automation across any storage type.

As a vendor-neutral software platform, StrongLink gives customers unprecedented insights into both their data and storage throughout the entire data lifecycle and includes the tools to automate intelligent policy-based file actions across otherwise incompatible storage types, including flash, disk, cloud, and tape from any vendor.

StrongLink is a software solution designed to provide unprecedented level of automation and control


Data Centric

  • Automatically bridge data silos
  • Simplify IT tasks for multi-vendor storage
  • Increase user productivity & collaboration
  • Vendor-neutral control of data lifecycles across any storage type

Reduce Cost

  • Seamless tiering and archiving across any storage type
  • Maximise storage utilisation
  • Data analytics to drive storage policies

Enforce Data Protection

  • Manage file copies and placement
  • Simplify business continuity & disaster recovery
  • Metadata tagging for compliance, retention

StrongLink provides seamless multi-protocol access to manage data globally across otherwise incompatible storage silos

StrongLink is designed to simplify management of data

Use Cases

StrongLink Automated Data Migration

Automated Data Migration

Simplify and automate data migration between any storage type, powered by the intelligence of aggregated metadata. StrongLink does this with little or no interruption to users, and without needing proprietary stubs, symlinks, or agents on your storage.

StrongLink cross-platform active archive with any storage type

Active Archive

Automate the creation of a true cross-platform active archive with any storage type, including flash, disk, tape, and cloud. StrongLink uses data intelligence to simplify active archiving, which optimises storage and reduces costs by identifying and offloading cold data without interrupting user access

intelligent automation across any data storage type

Non-disruptive Tech Refresh

Take the pain out of adding to or replacing your existing storage. StrongLink reduces the load on IT staff, and minimizes interruption to users with intelligent automation across any storage type, from any vendor, including flash, disk, tape, and cloud.

StrongLink automated, policy-based cross-platform tiering

Storage Tiering

Eliminate data silos and use metadata-driven intelligence to improve utilisation of your existing storage with StrongLink’s automated, policy-based cross-platform tiering.

StrongLink advanced file copy management and multi-site DR

Business Continuity DR

Go beyond simple backup with StrongLink’s advanced file copy management and multi-site DR capabilities. Manage file copies and intelligent file retention policies across local and remote storage from any vendor, including flash, disk, tape and cloud.

Global access to all data, across all storage types


Leverage the power of rich metadata across multiple storage types to ensure global access to all data, across all storage types. StrongLink simplifies collaboration, and HPC / Research workflows.

Only StrongLink is Data Centric & Storage Aware

Data Centric

  • Metadata-Driven Data Policies
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Data Visualisation & Global Query

Storage Aware

  • Cross-Platform Data Movers
  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Protocol
  • Global Namespace

StrongLink LTFS

StrongLink’s optional LTFS module takes tape to the next level

  • Automated support for tape libraries from any vendor
  • Metadata-driven intelligence enables automated policy-based workflows
  • Extreme scalability makes tape simple and transparent to users as data grows
  • Tape storage becomes a seamless extension to existing storage without additional disk cache, file stubs, or symlinks
  • Data can move by policy from any storage type directly to any other, including tape
Tape For Active Workflows &StrongLink To Reduce Storage Costs

StrongLink Galaxy

Link Multiple Data Centres with Bi-Directional Replication for Data Protection and Collaboration

StrongLink’s scale-out architecture can extend to multiple sites with the optional StrongLink Galaxy replication module. This enables multiple sites to be linked together to provide global bi-directional replication of all metadata and all or selected subsets of data for use cases such as mutual DR, multi-site collaboration, and other needs to support distributed infrastructures.

Link Multiple Data Centers With Bi-Directional Replication For Data Protection And Collaboration


When is StrongLink relevant?

StrongLink is typically used in environments with:

  • Unstructured Data – Typically data volumes from 500TB and up
  • Multiple vendor storage types/media/protocols/locations
  • The need for storage technology migration for refresh or storage tier management
  • Data lifecycle management requirements
  • Problems managing seamless user access across different storage silos
  • The need to build an active archive – seamless offload to Cloud or LTFS tape accessible by users
  • The need to extend on-premises data management to include cloud-based storage

What are the main customer data storage challenges that StrongLink helps to solve?

  • Controlling storage costs, by seamlessly offloading data from primary storage to other storage choices
  • Not knowing exactly how active their data is, which department or project it belongs to, or which storage type it should live on at its current lifecycle stage
  • Ensuring that users can find their files, even when they’ve been moved to archives or other storage and without burdening the IT staff
  • Automating policy-based data movement, to ensure data is accessible to users on the right storage type at the right time, to increase user productivity while reducing IT management burden
  • Ensuring seamless data migration for tech refresh, tiering, or other storage optimisation can be done transparently to users
  • Enabling IT to manage multi-vendor storage environments in ways that must not disrupt their users and applications
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